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Apocalyptic Amnesia
Broken Mirror Glass

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold
The Outs
    Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
    Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
    Beauty is Only Skin Deep
    Pushing All The Wrong Buttons
    Mermaids and Mages and Shifters, Oh My!
    That’s The Way We All Became the At-Risk Bunch
    I Hope Your Life Leads You Back to My Door


  Fairy Tale Era
  Harpies Era
  Trouble Era
    8th grade Helliphages 
    9th grade Aura Trapper 
    10th grade Woogeyman 
    11th grade Shadows 
    12th grade Tainted Heart 
    Freshman Year Twisted Stars 
    Sophomore Year Deception 
    Junior Year Bibliovores 
    Senior Year Power Overhaul 
Ant Farm Era
Anun Hunters
Zipple Chronicles

  Seeing The Past
  OK! Revolution

    Taryn Smiper
    Jigsaw Puzzle

  Lasts Place

  Sing Like No One is Listening
  Love Like You’re Never Been Hurt
  Dance Like No One Is Watching
  Live Like Today is Your Last


Final 10 + 2
  Passed the Past
  Final 10
  Plus 2

Frozen Sighs
  Artagnon’s Princess
  Slutting Beauty
  Prisoner of War

  Sleeping Dreamers
  Poisonous Rain
    Out of Time
    Mother Dragon
    Shadows Manipulation
    Demon Spawn
    Demon Hunter
    Natural Disasters

It's Not The Dark 1


    Excel Heroes
      Year of the Invasion
      Year of Distraction
      Year of Secrets
      Year of Carelessness
      Year of Lies
      Year of Tricks
    Walter’s Deception
    Y.N.’s Decision
    Lyssa’s Death
    Cade’s Denial

Music World
  Flowers Records
    College fAme
      Fae’s Fae
        Fae versus The Fae 
        Fae for The Fae
      Taylor’s Lake
    MorbidLy Strange
      Rockstars and Fairies and Lycans Oh My!
        Luke and Zev
        Wolf Killer
      Marcus’ Avengers
      Autumn Colors
  Wolf Records
    Radio 101.1
    Syn-the-Tic Productions
    Taming Kayleigh
    Toxic Bunnies

  Just Partners
  Forgot to Tell You
  I Might Have Lied
  In Control
  Satan’s Seat
  Going In and Down
  Daddy’s Home

One Week

Our Garden

Pandora’s Box


Picard’s Rules of the Human-Galactic Treaty
  Orphaned Alien
  Runaway Clone
  Stranded Time-Traveler
  Know-It-All Android
  Involved Human

Princess of Anything


  Claude and the Oldies
  Dragon’s Breath
  Seeing Lies
  Audree’s Beginning
  Raining in Chelsea
  Diary of a Teenaged Vampire
  Rain Trilogy
    Harsh Rain
    Cloudy Rain
    Melodious Rain

See, what had happened was…

Shadow Dwellers
  Lost One

Silicone Dolls

  Crimson Splashes
    Red Cloak Fables
    Little Red and Her Dragon
    Little Red and Her Magician
    Little Red and Her Wolf 
    Little Red and Her Monkey
    Little Red and Her Unicorn

    Little Red and Her Solider
    Little Red and Her Glider
    Little Red and Her Hunter
    The Dreamer’s Red Cloak
  Pressure Sequence
    Heraldic Whispers
    Resistance of Steel
    Negative Pressure
    Momentum of Radiation
    Positive Pressure
    Pressure Underwater
    Earthquake Weather
  Coffee Shoppe
    Black Peppermint Tea
    Black Coffee
    Hot Chocolate
    Decaf With Sugar
    Iced Coffee and Biscuits
    Caramel Infusion
    Cookies and Cream
    Green Tea with Honey
    AB- With Cinnamon
    Juice & Milk
  World Views
    Astral Protection
    Rose Garden
    Democratic Blunders
    Marionette Garden
    Magic Business
    Sleepless Knights
    Rushing Ahead
    Necromancy Pt 1
    Necromancy Pt 2
Twisted Skies

  Unknowingly In The Unruined Lands 
  Unknowingly Calling Skenendoa
  Unknowingly Watching Mirror Maidens
  Unknowingly Making Three Wishes
  Unknowingly Drawing Friends
  Unknowingly Making Deals
  Unknowingly Dreaming of Pasts
  Unknowingly Gaining an Army
  Unknowingly Keeping a Promise
  Unknowingly Losing a War

Why It Sucks Being Super
    Luxe Eternum
    Clinical Trial
    Cookie Cutters
    Demon Guide
    Fight or Flight
    Foster Care
    Trust Issues
    Truth or Dare
  Why Being Super Sucks
    Minu Ga Hana
    Time Can't Be Rewritten

Wrecking Balls
  Say Anything

A Xylophonist and Vivid Colors

Fae's Fae Master List

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Fae's Fae
Fae versus The Fae
Fae v Magical Doorways That Appear Out of Nowhere
Fae v The King
Fae v. Family
Fae v. The Claim
Fae v. Bonding Time
Fae v. The Sister She Never Wanted
Fae v. The Song
Fae v. The Sirens
Fae v. Soto
Fae v. Something Like Southern Politeness
Fae v. Frolic
Fae v. The Power Talk
Fae v. Shooting Innocent Animals
Fae v. Her Own Blabbering Mouth
Fae v. The Creatures
Fae v. Rules
Fae v. The Brother She Kind of Always Wanted
Fae v. Fiction
Fae v. Child Rearing Tactics
Fae v. Jackass Vampire
Fae v. The Bad Idea
Fae v. Feelings
Fae v. Laughter
Fae v. The Virthday
Fae v. The Wanderer
Fae v. Directions
Fae v. Ereshin
Fae v. The Meliae
Fae v. The Heat
Fae v. The Humans
Fae v. Her Blood
Fae v. Slavers
Fae v. The Dogpack
Fae v. Animal Cruelty
Fae v. Stalking Cuties
Fae v. The Misfits
Fae v. The Animal Tamer
Fae v. Kidnapping
Fae v. Ransom
Fae v. The Green Mage
Fae v. Her Saviors
Fae v. Backup
Fae v. Real Battle and Death
Fae v. Escape

Fae and The Fae

Fae for The Fae

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I stayed too long in one place.

It wasn’t really my fault, because I was exhausted and too scared to stop at any water hole, since there might be more of those mermaid-things. I was really, really, really wanting to either wake up or get to some kind of action—preferably one where I wasn’t being attacked—so that I knew what was going on. Or, honestly, I would’ve just been happy with getting a bottle of water. Nonetheless, I had stopped under a pretty tree—after making sure none of my normal nightmare monkeys were there, which is a story for another time—and was sitting there, trying to catch my breath and hide when movement caught my eye.

Of course, it wasn’t a far away movement, which I should have caught given the light colors that didn’t blend in with the woods. Or maybe I should have heard something, but I didn’t. Instead, the first hint I had of someone else coming toward me was the white of a long-faced, long-legged creature that was, almost as soon as I noticed it, in my face. I scrambled to the side, so that my back wasn’t against the tree and stood up. The not-quite-a-horse moved up with me and, even standing at my full height, its head was higher than my own. By quite a lot.

It had the body of a horse, for the most part, with scales on its side that I could have ignored if it weren’t for the reptilian face mixed with a horsey snout. Or, you know, the teeth that were sharp and not horsey at all. In fact, the creature was a weird mixture of crocodile and horse with the height of an elephant (and I wasn’t exaggerating). After I got over the shock of the giant, trampling not-horse creature standing above me, I was able to focus on the human figure perched upon its back. So, to avoid looking anymore into the creature’s far too intelligent eyes, I looked to him.

The man was sitting calmly on the back of the sharp-toothed creature, watching me with a bemused air. As if having waited for me to acknowledge him, he tilted his head to one side and gave me an amused smile. “Hello there, little one. Are you lost?”

I kept staring. The man was beautiful. He had long, silver-white hair that fell past his hips, tumbling over the sides of his steed, which was a gentle contrast to his pale, snowy complexion. He was dressed impeccably with a light blue tunic grandiosely embellished with some silver thread and a long, pale violet coat over it. His silver trousers were fitted tightly to his form and embellished with purple and blue similar to his tunic and coat.

He also happened to have very pointy ears sticking out from his hair and practically glowing golden eyes. “Little one?” he questioned again, making me stare at him even more. If I was a ‘little one,’ how big were the normal people in this weird dream world with flower goblin things, homicidal mermaid things and a possible elf?

“Are you lost?” he asked again. “You are very far from home.”

“Yes,” I finally convinced myself to say. “I am super lost. Can you tell me where I am?”

He raised a single eyebrow when I said ‘super lost,’ making me wonder what I had said to cause his interest. “Tell me, little one, where are you from?”

“Um,” I paused, frowning when I noticed a few things I had missed about him. There was a crown on his head, a golden crown absolutely covered in glittering diamonds that kept catching the light and shining different colors on his hair. There was a sword casually placed in its sheath at his hip, very openly visible, and a few smaller blades on the same belt. There was something red on the muzzle of the horse-thing that definitely wasn’t part of its natural coloring.

Holy shit. I was talking to an Elf King who had just killed someone.

I clammed up.

“I’ve never seen you before, little one, so I am curious how you could have escaped my attention, looking so much like my queen.”

It was like he was wanting some kind of recognition from me. I clearly couldn’t give it to him, considering I had no idea what I was supposed to say. This was usually the point in the dream where I suddenly had all kinds of knowledge about who he was and what I was supposed to be doing. I didn’t. I was still drawing a blank.

“Are you of Still wind’s court?”

“I don’t know what a Still wind is,” I admitted when he looked less than amused by my silence. He had a sword and a none-too-nice-looking-sharp-toothed-horse-thing. It was probably in my best interest to answer him.

He eyed me for a moment, as if unsure whether I was joking or telling the truth, before narrowing his eyes slightly and tilting his head. “Sil-wen,” he enunciated. “Are you soft minded?”

It didn’t take more than a moment for me to understand that he’d just asked me if I was stupid. I responded with righteous fury, “No, I’m not ‘soft minded’! I just don’t know what that is, you jerk!”

His beast seemed to take umbrage with my tone because it snorted threateningly, stomping the ground as if ready to trample me. I swallowed and took a step back, glancing behind me. I could run, but what was the point? I was lost and on foot. He’d catch up to me immediately.

The elf king swung down from his creature and approached me. With every step, I realized just how tall he really was. At nearly six feet, I was used to being eye level or higher to most people. I wasn’t to him. While he had seemed tall on the creature, I had put that to him being on a horse, but when he stood directly in front of me, I was looking up to his face, my eyes only being level with his chest, and not even the top of his chest. I’d never had a dream where I was short before. I didn’t like it.

His expression was still amused, but there was something strange reflected in his eyes when he spoke this time. “Tell me, little one, what is your name?”

I wish he would stop calling me that. “Fae,” I answered quickly, finding that my back was against a tree again. “Fae Kissinger.”

He raised an eyebrow. “What sort of name is that?” he demanded, making me flinch. Immediately, he smiled, as if to comfort me. It didn’t. “And whose are you?”

“What does that mean?” I asked. Even though I had a vague feeling that this man wasn’t the type of person to ask questions of, I’d asked mermaids who wanted to drown me. He was no more dangerous than them. I didn’t think. “I’m my own.”

He raised both eyebrows. “Soft minded indeed,” he stated before reaching forward and grasping my hand even though I tried to push him away. He didn’t so much as budge. His eyes shifted from gleaming gold to shifting, molten lava and when he looked to my face, for the briefest of moments, he seemed to falter. He blinked once, twice, thrice, before squinting his eyes slightly and seemed to follow something from my face, away.

And then he dropped my hand. “Unbelievable.” He turned his back on me and paced a few steps. While he did that, I attempted to move away. I got away from the tree and was walking backwards, away, keeping my eyes on him.

When he laughed aloud, I ran. I ran as fast as I could, paying no particular attention to where I was going until I almost ran over the edge of an overhang and into a deep looking, greenish pool of water. Barely stopping in time, I found that I didn’t stop moving, because instead of forward, I was rising in the air and then dropped onto the back of that creature, in front of the elf king.

“Let’s go have a talk with Phaewen, shall we?” he suggested.

I didn’t respond. I supposed that the action of the dream was starting.

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Fae versus the Fae [Jessa Kiss] [Fae's Fae]
Two Wolves and a Fairy [MorbidLy Strange]
Taming Kayleigh [Tambarle]
College fAme [Cosmos, Tayshizzle, Jessa Kiss]
Rock Kit Science [MorbidLy Strange]
Fae and the Fae [Jessa Kiss] [Fae's Fae]
Wolf Killer [MorbidLy Strange]
Toxic Bunnies
Big Bad Wolf [MorbidLy Strange]
Taylor's Lake [Tayshizzle]
Fae for the Fae [Jessa Kiss] [Fae's Fae]

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I turned in a full circle. "I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore," I muttered to myself. Everything was so…colorful. Had I wandered into someone's special garden or something? This definitely hadn't been here the last time I had been home. Even if I had somehow managed to wander into the park, which would explain being surrounded on all sides by plants with no end in sight, those giant purple leaves on the trees and the weird patches of blue grass? Definitely not indigenous.

Something jumped from one tree to another.

Just a squirrel, I had almost convinced myself when a tiny, almost human, face peeked out at me. I leaped back from the tree, absolutely positive that I had not just seen that. Still, it was better to avoid the trees anyway, right? Who knew what kind of animals or bugs were crawling in them.

I must be high, I determined when a whole flipping family of those creatures showed up, chattering in obnoxiously high-pitched voices as they pointed at me. So high. Tambarle must have slipped something in my food. I knew she was being too nice. I was probably just walking down the streets like a crazy person. The cops were probably going to arrest me for public intoxication or something. That'd look great on the tabloids. I could see the titles already: ‘Jessa Kiss Arrested’, ‘Jessa Kiss Gets High To Get Over Cosmo’, ‘Jessa Kiss Breaks Cosmos’ Heart and THEN Laws!’

Cosimo would know what to do. I nervously rubbed at my ring finger, standing in place and looking around. Even though he hated me right now, I knew that all I had to do was call him and he would fix this. He would help me because that was what he did. I was the one who was heartless, according to most of the world. Knowing hearing my voice would cause him pain, but needing help and seeing no other option, I pulled out my phone, ready to call him.

My phone had no signal.

"Okay. This is probably one of those lucid dreams, right?" I nodded to myself. "I'm in a pretty place, obviously magical. I should just go to the natives. I'll talk to the natives and find out what I'm supposed to do." I nodded to myself. Dreaming seemed like a perfectly good explanation, better than me being high, in fact. I didn't feel high. This all felt very, very real. Nevermind the fact that I had just been walking, taking a shortcut back to Nana's house to avoid the paparazzi.

"I'll just go talk to one of those little people," I determined, sure that this was a dream. It had to be one of those dreams with full consciousness. I set toward my goal.

The small, strange creatures just watched me as I approached. Their heads were enormous in comparison to their itty-bitty bodies. That was the least freaky thing about them. Much less weird than their rainbow hued, translucent skin or their spiny, spindly backs. The weirdest was their eyes. Their bulbous, gleaming eyes, cloudy like a dead persons. I was staring at their eyes. Those filmy, non-seeing eyes.

I turned back to the treeline. No need to talk to the tiny flower people. There were bound to be other natives, right? Right.

So instead of dealing with them, I went into the trees.

I had to walk pretty far, probably almost a mile past the treeline before I saw anyone else. Of course, the first person I saw happened to be a centaur, so there was that. I had finally left the truly strangely colored plants and was surrounded by large, green, trees. There was moss and ivy covering the bark on most of them and the leaves were larger than my head. It was quiet except for the sounds of nature, until I heard music.

I spotted the musician before he spotted me because he was playing this weird pipe creation, eyes closed and head tilted. His front legs were tucked underneath him and he leaned against a large, willowy tree, just playing his music. It was a pretty song, floating between A major and C minor with high, lilting notes. The tree seemed to sway in time with the music and I was mesmerized by it.

It all ended when I stepped on a branch. He immediately sat upright, focused on me, and ran off without a word, a fearful look on his face. I tried to follow him, but that was pointless because not only was he impossibly faster than me, but the trees seemed to move to hide him from me. After my third time running straight into a tree, I gave up on talking to him. He probably didn't even speak English anyway. The horse people never did in my dreams.

After him, I stumbled for maybe thirty more minutes, trying to find someone to talk to. I kept seeing hair and feet and a glimpse of people (and I use the term lightly) running away before I could say anything, but the next time I saw someone fully was near a stream. It was the first time I had seen any water source, which I thought was weird because I'd always thought that forests were supposed to be full of lakes and streams and rivers and things. Not to mention I was thirsty, which I had never felt in a dream before. Dream or not, though, I was parched and it looked gloriously clean.

I fell to my knees in the bank of the stream, drinking from it and hoping that I wasn't poisoning myself. I was so busy gulping down water, that I almost didn't notice when...creatures started to approach me. A few came up from the water, with long fingers and large, watery eyes, their skeletal bodies covered in a scaly skin that glistened against the bright sun. Most, however, were behind me, staying carefully in my peripheral. I recognized a few fauns, but couldn't determine what the girls dancing around them were. They were all whispering to each other and staring at me, pointing at me.

The only parts I could make out were princess, queen, Still wind, Nim wind, Fae wind, and Even way, and only those because they were repeated so many times. Is this one of those dreams where I turn out to be the long-awaited savior queen? I haven't had one of those in a while, I thought, pretending not to notice the ones behind me. Instead, I focused on the aquatic figures in front of me. They didn't flinch or hide away from my gaze. They stayed right where they were, watching me with unblinking eyes, their thin-lipped mouths and protruding jaws beneath the water.

"Where am I?" I asked them. The chattering behind me ended immediately and I saw out of the corner of my eyes that all of the other creatures were watching me silently.

"My stream," one of the creatures said, its voice surprisingly clear given that it was speaking underwater.

"Okay, but where is your stream? I'm not from around here and I don't really know where I am right now."

An explosion of chatter came from the creatures behind me and I glanced back at them when I very clearly heard one all but scream "Someone should tell the king!" Under my gaze, they scattered back into the trees, hiding from my sight once more. None of them had looked particularly frightened when hiding, which I counted as a plus. At least I wasn't scaring the natives anymore. They'd be more likely to help me.

When I turned back to the water, the creature who I had been talking to was now merely inches from me. I jerked back, falling out of my crouch and onto my butt. It made a sound that was similar to laughter, but far more unnerving. The way it looked at me, in particular my stomach, made me uncomfortable now that all the other creatures were gone and it was just me and these things.

"How far away are you from?" it asked me, moving all the way to the edge of the water. "Whose are you?"

I frowned, staring at it. "Whose?" I asked back and it tilted its head.

"Human?" it asked, as if the idea of me being human was confusing for it.

"Yes? I'm human," I responded, sliding back a bit more. I couldn't see how long its arms were, but I was going to guess that they were long enough to grab me and pull me under. While I didn't want to insult it by appearing that I didn't trust it, I didn't trust it. It was like the old stories of mermaids, even if it definitely wasn't one. It looked ready to pull me under, drown me, and eat me. I really didn't want to be eaten today, thanks.

Two others moved to its side and now there were three of the things, staring at me with only their eyes and the tops of their heads out of the water. I scooted back a little more, trying to determine if I wanted to try and make a run for it or not.

"How did you get to the Neverforest?" the second one lisped. The first one to talk to me pushed against that one and it floated back, away from the bank. The third one stayed silent, just watching me.

"I walked," I said, trying to determine if the distance between me and the things was good enough to keep me safe. I hated drowning dreams. They were the absolute worst.

"And no one walked with you?" the first one asked, moving a little higher from the water so that its arms could rest on the bank.

No, I wasn't far enough back. Its arms were as long as my legs, maybe even longer. I scooted back even more. "I was walking with my friends," I lied, deciding that these were definitely not friendly creatures. "In fact, I should probably get back to them."

I stood up and the silent one rose in the water with me. I glanced behind me to see no creatures back there to help me, and when I looked back to the creatures, the one who had been talking to me was crawling forward, almost grabbing me while the silent one held its hand out to me.

“You should join us,” the previously silent one said. “It’s better to swim with us than to drown.”

I’m not sure that it was the selling pitch she expected it to be, because that made me turn tail and run. The crawling one gripped my ankle and I fell forward. Its’ grip was strong as it slid back into the water, pulling me with it.

“No!” I yelled, kicking with all of my might. I was lucky to have landed a kick on the face of the one tugging me. It let go and I scrambled to my feet. I had never before been more thankful to Tambarle and Taylor for their insistence that I learn to quickly get to my feet after dropping low or falling down.

The one who was high up, with only a long, serpentine tail still in the water darted forward to me. It still didn’t touch me, only breathed on me, somehow humming a disjointed melody at the same time as she ordered me, “Join us in the water. You will only drown if you fight.”

I didn’t say anything, only backed up as quickly as possible. It tilted its head and opened its jaw wider, showing off every single horribly sharp tooth. The humming came even louder and the other creature, that had been trying to reach for me, froze in its spot, as if paralyzed.

 I was in the treeline when I felt comfortable enough with the distance to turn and run. My last glance of the creatures was of a bemused expression on the floating one’s face, while the talker just looked pissed and was making a horrifying noise at the other two. Either way, they weren’t getting any further out of the water to follow me, but I didn’t stop running until I couldn’t see the water anymore. Once I was that far away, I slowed to a light jog, incredibly out of breath but I didn’t dare pause just yet.

 So far, in this dreamland, I had run into tiny flower people with dead eyes, a skittery centaur, a handful of gossiping animal-creatures, and three barracuda-looking mermaids. I was starting to get the feeling that nothing in this place was going to be friendly. I wished I could wake up, but so far, I’d made no progress on that front. Either way, I knew I had to keep moving. Bad things only happened when you stayed in one place for too long in weird dreams.

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