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 in which amadhay fights golems



“Are you sure about the intel, Ess?” Amadhay muttered into her communication headset.

It felt uncomfortable on her head, being one-sided and leaving her asymmetrical, but it was a necessary evil for the time being.

“Pretty,” her somewhat friend, Essebelle responded. She could hear the arachin chewing on something through their coms and tried to ignore it even though she had explicitly asked the girl not to do that when they were communicating.

“I don’t see anyone here,” she argued softly, using her Gift to circle the building in a few clicks.  There was a thin but strong barrier keeping her from teleporting in, but it only seemed to be about the lower level of the building. “I don’t even feel any energy.” She eyed the ledge of a high window, trying to determine if she could grab it if she jumped. If she could get up there, she could get into the building and scope it from the inside.

“Wait, let me ask Maria. It’s her info.”

Amadhay froze in the middle of her leap, misjudging the distance and slamming face first into the barrier. Falling onto her back, she immediately sat up, eyeing the building with a new suspicion. Despite Maria technically being her information liaison, Amadhay didn't trust her old partner in the least. In fact, she more than expected her to give bad information that would get her hurt. There was bad blood between the two of them, and that was why Amadhay always went to Essie for information even though the arachin was her communications operative, not her information liaison. Essebelle knew that.

She tapped the headset to make her voice louder for Essebelle without her actually having to be louder. “You involved Maria?” she demanded, moving into a low crouch.

“Well, yeah,” Essebelle sounded distracted. “And she says not to touch the barrier. It has a funky warning system. Something about—”

“Golem sentries? Yeah, thanks for the warning.” Amadhay’s eyes were trained on the three golems coming at her as quickly as their mismatched legs would carry them. It was almost comical, and really, she would have laughed if she hadn’t noticed the markings on their heads.

Silently thanking Indigo for teaching her about golems, she eyed the three creatures, wondering where their fourth was. They were the amorphous triad of a stable quartet. They weren’t the ones she had to worry too much about, aside from their weapon-arms in place of hands. Their only real danger was that she couldn’t take them out without finding their fourth. She had to be on the lookout for the well-formed one, which would be the one who would be smarter, sneakier, who was probably using these three as a distraction.

She turned from them just in time to see it coming up on her from behind. “Not today,” she muttered, ducking its sharpened arm and jumping back to miss being slammed by its clubbed arm. She started to use her Gift, but one of the other golems landed a blow on her from behind, dropping her to the ground.

“Shit,” she whispered before another one stepped on her, trying to squeeze her into a flat Amadhay pancake.

Focusing inward and ignoring the pain as a very daunting, audible crack came from her ribs, she mouthed the words of the first spell to come to mind. Kara kare koun Va! With a light tap on the foot holding her down, she pushed her power into the spell.

A concussive blast came from the golem’s foot, tossing it off of her and into the barrier with a resounding clap that told Amadhay that whomever had made the golems was not the same person to make the barrier. She didn’t put any more thought to it, however, because she was busy rolling from the other golems, which were running at her. She didn’t think too hard before she acted, curling into a ball. The golems, despite the fact that just lying there she was an easy target, couldn’t stop their large frames and went crashing right into their leader, knocking all three of them to the ground.

The one she had thrown was getting to its foot, having lost one when she attacked it. Its handicap didn’t stop it from trying to get back into the fray. Luckily for it, Amadhay didn’t give it a second glance, narrowing her eyes on the well-formed golem as it struggled with the two on the ground, trying to get back onto its feet. She wondered briefly if it had taken on the form of its creator, considering it had a decidedly female form, complete with peaked nipples and a slit between its legs.

Amadhay gave a surprised second look at the slit, noting that it had words written there. The seal. “Of course,” she laughed, “Of course.” She repeated. Of course someone would put the animation seal there. Either someone had a sense of humor or the creator had assumed no one would be looking there.

Regardless, that made her job easier, since she could reach there. She wouldn’t have been able to reach its head, where the seal normally was, without taking to the air and that would have put her at a definite disadvantage. This way? All she had to do was get over there while the three were struggling to separate.

This time actually using her Gift, Amadhay made it over to the tangled mess of the three golems. For the barest of clicks, she paused, realizing that she was going to have to touch the creatures…personal bits to get to the seal. Convincing herself that it was a golem and thus the parts weren’t real, she slapped her hand onto the seal. Flushing at the warm, flesh-like feel, she focused on changing the seal. A few kicks came at her, but when she moved back into her Gift, they came so slow that she barely even had to move to avoid them.

Finally, dropping her Gift in favor of magic, she was able to change the animation seal, removing one character so that it was now a nonsensical seal. The moment she did, all four golems dropped, the flesh and mud used to bind them together falling in large puddles of gross.

Making a new, disgusted face, Amadhay moved back. She moved her hand to her cheek, where her com had been, but felt nothing. Roving her eyes over the scene, she couldn’t find it and supposed that it must have fallen during the fight. Shaking her head with a more than slightly annoyed sigh, she ran her hands over her hair, trying to settle her curls back into the symmetrical ponytail that her hair had been previous to her having to destroy the golems. She knew she was going to hear a mouthful from Essie about losing the com, considering that was her sixth communication headset. 

At least, she thought, I didn’t lose the communicator too. She tapped her hip, where the communicator was hanging off of the taser holster just to be sure it was still there. Unsure when last Essie had heard her, she pressed the green button to let the other girl know all was well. She knew the implication would be that she had lost the headset.

With one last sigh, looking for the com, she went back to the plan she’d come up with: get to the window, sneak in, grab Borg Queen, get home, take a long shower.

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