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What do I need, what do I need? Amadhay thought to herself, rummaging through her closet for bags. She needed to pack. She was going on the mission with Benjy and Christein whether they wanted her to or not. They couldn’t stop her. No one could stop her. She was going. She couldn’t imagine spending Goddess only knew how long without either of them. Without them to ground her, she couldn’t imagine that she would stay sane.

Amadhay paused as she pushed clothes to either side, staring into her closet. Sitting there, on the floor, were the five bags she had refused to open. They were still fully packed and she had no illusions that they were missing anything she would need. The note had said that it was everything she had left with the Palnoki, down to her last hair pin. It would undoubtedly be everything she’d need for this extended mission. Maybe a bit more shampoo and other toiletries, she thought, but besides those, she would be good.

It would have clothes, weapons, books, even jewelry. She doubted they would have kept anything of hers, even if Atlas was still bothering her. She was willing to bet that it had been Atlas who had packed it all up and sent it to her, considering the others probably wanted to destroy every last memory of her after what she’d done to Ribbon.

If she took those bags, she wouldn’t have to waste time packing. There was no question in her mind that if she had to pack for herself, she would be there until nearly 8. These bags were packed, though. She could just grab them and get back to Adrian’s room. She could tend to Tenshu until she had to go.

That decided it for her. And with that decided, she was able to focus on the next most important thing, actually calling in and getting her spot on the ship. It took her a moment, given all the excitement that she’d had in the past few zoots or so to remember the website that the human on the train had shown her. It was easy enough from there to find the DS number for the contact about joining the mission. It was still listed, even though the site made it obvious that they weren’t interested in any more applicants.

So she called the number and, on the third ring, got the messaging system of “Rain Kit, coordinating director of the human led colonizing mission beyond Corindra.”

She had no doubt that she had purposely been sent to messaging, but that didn’t stop her from leaving a message. She had no doubt that he, just like everyone else, had a flagger in his messaging system to locate messages with important names. “Hello. I’m the Grand Mage’s,” she stumbled on the next word, but quickly regained her calm, “consort. I was told to contact you for immediate accommodations. I have an interest in this exploration and would like to join. I’d hate not to be allowed to come, after my love put so much interest into this project.” She wasn’t sure that Lizumeizei had put any credits forth on the mission, but she would bet that he had. He had his fingers in everything. “So if you have any room for me, please respond to this message.”

After a few clacks, she was worried that her request was going to be ignored. They had every right, given it was so last click and she had no real skills, or at least had spoken of no real skills, to put to service. At six clacks, however, she received a text message from Lizumeizei.

You’re in. Rain Kit will call within a clack to give you the basics of what you will need. They’re giving you a ‘friend’ for the duration of the trip to keep you out of their way. I chose a female for you, given you hardly need any more men to preoccupy you. I won’t ask why you’re going on this trip, but I will assume it has to do with the two ghost passengers. Be safe and call me daily. It’s your duty as my consort now. Don’t make me look bad.

Amadhay grinned. That was one less thing to worry about.

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