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She had to stabilize him. That was all that she knew. His bleeding seemed to have stopped, but he was also becoming stiff enough that she was having trouble carrying him upright. That was the first sign of death shock. If she could stabilize him before it fully hit, she could save him. She had to save him.

Amadhay had Tenshu partially propped up by her body, using all of her strength to keep him on his feet and moving. The necromancer was no longer conscious. She wasn’t even sure that he was alive. She had saved him from Christein, but she had no idea how close he was to death. She wasn’t a healer. She needed a healer.

But she couldn’t take him to Rea. After the Palnoki had invaded the Phoegani, Rea had memorized the faces and known abilities of every Palnoki member. If Amadhay took him to the dragon, the woman would immediately recognize him and give him up to Arne Riff. Besides, Amadhay wasn’t even sure that Rea knew what to do with a dying necromancer.

So no, she had to figure this out on her own. Looking around, she recognized that in her fearful state, she had gone to the Phoegani base. She was in Prisoner Securer dormitory area. In fact, she was right outside Adrian Thyme’s room. The falcon aelfe had been one of the few Phoegani members who felt only mildly threatened by her, and then only on her bad days, and one of the even fewer who still trusted her completely. She had only been friends with him since returning to the Phoegani, but the friendship was worthwhile for her. For him too, considering she had been the one to introduce him to Essebelle and the two were now promised.

He also owed her a major favor for covering for him with Christein when he had lost an oversized Arachin her cousin had brought in. She thought it over for a moment. She needed to lay Tenshu down so that she could figure out what to do with him. All Phoegani beds came equipped with the technology to calm the person lying in them as well as restraints in case he wasn’t quite into death shock and suddenly woke up. Restraints would keep him from hurting her, her from having to hurt him, and help keep him in place as she checked him over.

But Adrian’s bed? She wasn’t sure she knew the man well enough to trust him not to rat her out. But then again, what choice did she have? Rea would report him immediately, Essie’s room was completely on the other side of the building, both Christein and Benjy would probably try to finish the job if they saw him in this vulnerable of a position. She didn’t have a room here anymore. And taking him to her place was completely off the table. It had been long enough for Benjy to get back to his place, and once the two realized that she wasn’t showing up there, they’d look for her. That would be the first place Christein was going to look for her. She didn’t want him to know that she had saved someone he had tried very hard to kill.

So she knocked on Adrian’s door.

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