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Once Christein was gone, Amadhay glanced behind her, where her sister, Croy-li, and the little girl were. They were busy focusing on each other and hadn’t so much as glanced her way, which was precisely how she wanted it to stay.

She had no idea what had happened. All she remembered was being angry that Amaya could just be out and about, could obviously be herself and not have to hide, and then she had attacked her sister. Not only had she attacked her sister, but then she’d attempted to hurt her more, despite her personal vow never to harm Amaya again. And then she had almost really hurt that little girl, who had nothing to do with any of this. If it hadn’t been for Croy-li and her horrific doll, she honestly could have killed that child. And all because she had called her mean and kicked her.

She had a temper, but her temper wasn’t that bad.

If it hadn’t been for Amaya, or whatever had taken over Amaya, tackling her, she would have killed Croy-li. That she wouldn’t have felt as bad about, given their history, but it would definitely have caused real trouble. She didn’t even remember what not-Amaya had said to her, but she knew that it had calmed her down enough that the red film had disappeared from her vision and the dark whispers in the back of her head had silenced. And then she was sitting there, forehead to forehead with her sister, staring into her ocean blue eyes, confused and hurting. The last words not-Amaya had said before crumbling had been, “Save him.”

Save him? Save who? It hadn’t been that hard to figure out who, though. She had scanned the area for Christein and Benjy. While Benjy was absent, she could make an easy assumption that he was trying to cleanse the security footage of their presence. Christein was standing in the water of the ruined fountain, staring at her in a strange mixture of fear and confusion. But beyond that, beyond his emotions towards her, she could see exuberance, accomplishment, and a kind of malicious glee. It was that that made her stomach fall. He had hurt someone. He had hurt someone that she needed to save. She knew it had to be the person that not-Amaya wanted her to save. It had to be.

And when her eyes went from Christein, to follow a groan she couldn’t possibly have heard across the fountain but she had, she saw Tenshu.

She knew it was Tenshu, even if his face was planted on the seat of the fountain, keeping him above the water. His auburn hair was only his. She had never seen hair that color, that long and that silken smooth except on him. And once she had been able to discern that it was him, that he was alive, she knew that she had to get Christein away from him before she could help him. She knew that Christein’s hatred of Tenshu ran hot and that he would kill him as soon as look at him, and with Tenshu in that state, it was incredibly likely that the necromancer would die.

So she had shooed Christein away. He had to have been confused if he had gone along with her story, considering she had absolutely no computer abilities. She would be about as much help to Benjy as Christein, less, in fact. The only thing she had going for her was her size. And given her strange actions previous, it was protocol to remove her from the situation, yet here she was.

And there he was.

She rushed to Tenshu’s side almost as soon as Christein had left. She had waited a few clicks, just in case he was doing his normal disappear, reappear invisible thing. When she didn’t smell him, she went to Tenshu. Tenshu groaned softly, his skin paling further by the click and he was bleeding from his head. Don’t heal a head wound, she reminded herself, pulling him further out of the water. He helped her as much as he could, which was very little. She could tell he was weak by the way he only barely opened his eyes to look at her. His pupils were pinpricks and his breathing was shallow and getting slower.

“C’mon Ten. Don’t you dare die on me,” she whispered, using the stability of the seat and Tenshu’s own weight to help her lift him up. Once she had him upright, he wrapped his own arms around her shoulders. She thought he was trying to say something, but she couldn’t understand it, so she ignored his murmurings.

“What are you doing to him!” she heard someone cry out as she tried to walk with him away from the fountain.

“One of them is over here!” another voice cried out, alerting Amadhay to the arrival of the Local Force. For the briefest click, she considered leaving Tenshu, but she didn’t.

“Don’t let go of me,” she warned Tenshu. Then she teleported the two of them away.

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