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 Amadhay yelped in pain as she landed her and Christein in her bed, in her home. She heard him gasp, but the searing pain in her back preoccupied her for the moment. She tried to remove the arrow from her back, but only succeeded in breaking the shaft.

“Fuzz!” she cursed, her breathing harsh as she stripped off her jacket. She looked down at Christein in time to see his head fall and eyes roll back in silence. He went limp and her eyes widened, entirely forgetting about the arrow still partially in her back. Her pain didn’t matter anymore.

She straddled him, ripping his shirt open. The buttons on his black button down shirt flew across the room as she ripped it wider. She tugged his belt off and unbuttoned the top button of his pants to reveal the full wound. Finally, her scrambling got her through to feel the bare skin of her cousin’s chest. She muttered incantation words quickly before placing her hands right above his gaping wound, coating her hands in his blood. For a moment she faltered, Indigo’s image flashing before her eyes.

She took a deep, unnecessary breath before continuing. She had failed Indigo, but she wasn’t going to fail Christein. She would never fail again. No one she loved would die in her arms. Never again.

When the words were done and a sheet of red, black, and purple energy hung off of her, she placed her lips to the base of his neck. The purple of her magic mingled with the brown of his, swirling between the two of them while the black of the ancient spell and red of healing magic coated their skin. She couldn’t see anything but Christein. It was only the two of them, just her skin to his, his wounds to her body.

Through that position, she transferred healing energy between their bodies so that it would work on them both. She felt the pain of his wound and knew that, had he been awake, he would be feeling the wound on her back. The pain throbbed harder and harder even as it was healing. She passed out atop him.

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