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 In Which Amadhay Keeps Promises



Amadhay was headed for the transport hub, moving as fast as she could without using her Gift.

Ribbon and Atlas always seemed to know when she was using it, and she didn’t want them to have any sort of warning. She was nearly to the door leading to the oversized barn used to store all of the Palnoki’s transportation vehicles. All she had to do was pass Atlas’ room, take two rights, and leave through the back door.

As she was making quick strides in that direction, however, she slowed at the familiar hallway. Seeing Atlas’ room, she paused for a few clicks. She knew she was tempting fate by not just leaving, but she wanted to leave one last message for him. With that thought, she sneaked as silently as possible without using her Gift, into his room. The door was open, which she knew to be an open invitation for her, but he was in bed and fast asleep.

Despite everything she had learned and all the lies he had told her, despite what a horrible person Atlas really was underneath it all, she still smiled at his sleeping form. He snored gently into his pillow, his mouth just slightly ajar. His polar hair was even more mussed than normal and his limbs were all askew, a stark difference from when he slept with her. When she was with him, he always slept with her in his arms, pressed tightly to his chest.

His glasses were set on the bed beside him, on top of a book titled Helping Loved Ones Through Grief. She shook her head to force the softer emotions away. Whether he was trying to help her through her grief or not, he had killed Indigo, she reminded herself, and had plans to kill Monkey and Benjy. He had plans to use Amaya, which wasn’t something she was going to allow him to do, not after he had already manipulated her. Steeling herself, she removed the extra red ribbon from her hair and set it beside his glasses.

She started to leave, but paused at the foot of his bed, before returning up to him. Leaning over the bed, she put her lips to his ear. “I told you that you wouldn’t be smiling,” she whispered, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before leaving his room.

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