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 in which Amadhay tells lies



She didn’t have to fake anger when she saw Tairyn.

She was furious. Just the sight of him, sitting on Kimiko’s bed, talking gently to the other teenager made her blood boil. She wanted to kill him. She wanted to maim him. She at the very least wanted to scar him for life.

But that wasn’t part of the plan. She had to stick to the plan. Her fury came with a strange sort of rational thinking, something she had to thank Arne Riff for. It was good for filing away all of the sadness and uncertainty she’d been feeling the past weeks. Tonight was the first time since Indigo’s death that she finally felt she had a purpose. She had a mission. Of course, she still needed to feel all of those emotions to feed Kimiko, so it was also a problem.

Ribbon was close behind her as they entered Kimiko’s room. The lovers had been muttering to each other when they entered and Kimiko jolted to her feet, standing protectively between Amadhay and Tairyn.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, looking at Ribbon. “We agreed that she wouldn’t see him!”

“I didn’t agree to that,” both Tairyn and Amadhay automatically responded.

Tairyn gave Amadhay a rueful grin while Amadhay simply stared at him. This was the hard part of the plan. If she veered too far on one side of emotion, any emotion that wasn’t appropriate for what she was trying to portray, Kimiko would know in an instant. So for now, she focused on feeling confused. That was easy enough.

“We made that decision without them,” Ribbon answered with a shrug. “She promised not to kill him.”

“Well that makes me feel so much better,” Kimiko spat, but Tairyn stood behind her.

“She won’t hurt me,” he said assuredly, looking at Amadhay from over Kimiko’s head. “Will you, Mayday?”

Amadhay flinched at his use of her nickname. He had lost all right to using it the moment he had first betrayed her. She was too late to clamp down on the rush of betrayal and hatred and Kimiko jumped on it.

“See?” the symmetrical teenager gestured at her adamantly. “She’s about to hurt him.”

“No,” Amadhay finally responded, shaking her head quickly. She focused on the chip to feed Kimiko the right emotions, emotions of confusion and curiosity. She needed to make it seem like she had questions, and she did have questions, just none to ask Tairyn. None that she thought he’d answer honestly, anyway. The calming of her emotions made Kimiko relax a little bit. “I’m not. I just want to talk. I promise,” she lied.

She had every intention of hurting him, but she couldn’t think about that yet. First, she had to figure out where the chip was and how to get it. She was almost positive that it was in one of Kimiko’s hands because she thought she had seen the succubus holding it up to the banshee when she and Ribbon had entered. If it was, then this was going to be incredibly easy for her.

“See? It’s fine,” Tairyn said, pressing on Kimiko’s shoulder to make her move from in front of him. Kimiko regarded her with mistrust, but she did move to the side, allowing Tairyn to move forward. Amadhay pretended to focus on Tairyn as he stepped toward her, but her attention was fully on Kimiko as the girl slipped something into the pocket of her plaid pants. It was definitely a chip. She just hoped it was the chip.

“I’ve been wanting to see you, Mayday, I just didn’t know what to say,” he started.

Amadhay glared at his shirt, no longer needing to hold back her anger with him now that everything else was in place. “How about telling me how you started selling information about me? Who else did you tell all my life to?”

Tairyn looked insulted, as though he felt vilified. “No, hey, it’s not like that at all,” he moved forward and she had to physically stop herself from hitting him when he put his hands on her shoulders. “I have always been loyal to you.”

She knew she wouldn’t get real answers from him. She scoffed. “You have a great way of showing it.”

“Don’t be like that. I didn’t tell them anything until I was sure that they didn’t want to hurt you,” he swore.

Amadhay shook her head. “You’re an idiot,” she snapped. “An idiot with only your self-interest in mind. You get some hot girl fluttering her eyelashes at you and you just drop everything?”

“It wasn’t like that,” he pleaded, reaching for her hands. She pushed him back. He took a step back and didn’t try to touch her again. “You have to believe me. What Kimiko and I have didn’t replace you. I didn’t just see her and forget my loyalty to you. Everything I did here was for you.”

She gave a shaky laugh. “You sound just like Atlas,” she said soberly. She took a moment to file that away. All of the Palnoki seemed to display Atlas’ characteristics, especially when dealing with her, but unlike the others, she knew that it wasn’t how Tairyn was originally. Taking note to look further into that at another time, she looked him straight in the eyes. And then she punched him.

For the first time since entering Kimiko’s room, Amadhay allowed herself to feel what she was truly feeling. All the anger and betrayal, hatred and sadness seemed to stun Kimiko for a moment, until Amadhay landed another punch. When the aelfe knocked the banshee off of his feet, she felt a sort of euphoria. At that change of emotion, the succubus moved quickly, but not quickly enough, because Amadhay launched herself at Tairyn and Kimiko wasn’t able to stop her. The man was too slow to move completely out of the way, but he did move enough that her fist didn’t connect with his face again, but this time his throat.

She was okay with that.

Ribbon tried to dive into the fray, but Amadhay landed a good kick on her, pushing her back. The aelfe was on top of Tairyn, punching, scratching, and biting him, and because Kimiko was in there, she was hitting her as well. It was ridiculously easy to steal the chip under pretense of pushing against Kimiko. Once she had it, she sent another loose punch and hit someone, but she wasn’t paying attention to whom any longer.

She allowed Ribbon to grab her by the waist and pull her back. Amadhay pretended to struggle to get back at them, but Ribbon held her steady against her own body. Kimiko and Tairyn got to their feet and Kimiko started forward, but Tairyn grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Don’t hit her back. That won’t help anything,” Tairyn told Kimiko. Ribbon shifted her stance so that she was holding Amadhay more protectively now as Amadhay kept her fists clenched and the chip tightly tucked to her palm.

Sensing now was the time to do it, Amadhay burst into tears, focusing on her last moments with Indigo to make it feel sincere. Ribbon turned her from the hold into a hug, stroking her hair slowly.

“I told you this wasn’t a good idea,” she muttered. Amadhay couldn’t see the other two, but by Ribbon’s relaxing, she guessed that they were probably looking sorry for her. “You should go sleep,” Ribbon suggested in a way that made Amadhay pretty positive that she was being gotten rid of. That only helped her.

She nodded shallowly, rubbing her eyes and choosing not to look up at Ribbon. “I’m going to sleep with Atlas,” she lied.

Ribbon nodded. “Alright. I just need to talk to Kimmy for a clack, and then I’ll take you.”

She shook her head. “I need to be alone right now,” she whispered, leaving the room so there would be no argument. Ribbon didn’t even start to come after her. The door closed behind her with a solid thunk and Amadhay was sure that she had been right. They were going to talk about something they didn’t want her to hear and while she was incredibly curious about what it might be, she was also just as aware that she wasn’t going to get a better time than right then to leave. Everyone was either sleeping or prepping for their individual missions. No one would even notice her missing until, at best, the morning since she had taken to solitary morning walks. She just had to get to the transport hub.

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