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 in which Tenshu’s a Brother



“I need to talk to you,” Tenshu said, grabbing Amadhay’s hand and pulling her away from Ribbon.

“About what?” Amadhay asked, looking back at Ribbon, who shrugged.

The taller woman blew her a kiss. “I have to go talk to Vlad about our next mission anyway. Meet in your sand castle?”

“Sure,” Amadhay called back as Tenshu pulled her around a corner. “Seriously, Ten, what’s the deal?”

Tenshu glanced back at her. “We just need to talk,” he stated, continuing to pull her down halls. The two of them were walking fast and Amadhay noticed that he was pulling her almost to the point where she needed to use her Gift to keep up with him.

Where was he taking her and what was so urgent that they had to get away from the others to talk about it?

“About what?” she asked.

“Ribbon,” he stated, slowing down now that they were at the less frequented part of the Sand Castle.

“What about her?” Amadhay asked warily.

Tenshu glanced back at her and pushed open a door. “Your intentions,” he said before letting go of her hand and entering the room.

Amadhay paused outside of the door before following him in. The room was nearly empty, aside from two chairs and a table between the two set with cookies and some steaming drink. Tenshu was already seated in one of the chairs with his hands interlaced in his lap as he watched her. Amadhay frowned, but moved to the seat opposite him, dropping into it gracefully.

“What do you mean?” she asked softly before picking up a saucer and cup to occupy her hands. She poured some of the drink into it and when cinnamon assaulted her nose, she knew that it was Ribbon’s cinnamon peppermint tea.

“What are you doing with her?” he asked, leaning forward and picking up a gingerbread cookie in the shape of a girl. He bit its head off and chewed slowly, his eyes never leaving hers.

“I dunno, what does it look like I’m doing with her?” she drawled sarcastically before taking a sip of tea. Of course, she was just deflecting. That was actually a very good question, one she wasn’t sure how to answer herself.

“Well it looks like you’re leading her on to make Atlas jealous.”

Amadhay had been mid-sip when Tenshu had said that. She almost spit her tea back out, but instead forced herself to swallow it, her eyes glaring at the ribbon holding his ponytail together at the top of his head. It wasn’t symmetrical. “That is not what’s happening,” she stated angrily. She would never do that to Ribbon.

“Really? Then what is?” he demanded, munching on the headless gingerbread girl so that she now had no legs.

“I’m…” she paused, trying to think of a word to describe what she was doing with Ribbon. Entwining wasn’t exactly it. Entwining, to her, implied a purely romantic relationship and their relationship was so much more than that. They were friends, best of friends, who sometimes kissed and held hands. They loved each other and would put down their lives for each other. They were there for each other and would never hurt the other one, not intentionally. They came first for each other.

“You’re?” Tenshu prompted, biting the gingerbread torso in half. His olive eyes were boring holes into her, demanding an answer.

“I’m in love, I think,” she whispered before taking another, longer drink of her tea. She stared at the saucer in her lap rather than Tenshu.

“Well Ribbon actually is,” Tenshu stated. “She is completely caught up with you. So don’t fucking hurt her.”

“I won’t,” Amadhay swore.

“Just don’t,” he repeated. “She’s been hurt before and I refuse to let you do it to her.”

“I’m not going to hurt her,” Amadhay stressed, setting the cup and saucer back on the table. “I would rather die than hurt her.”

“If you hurt her, you will,” Tenshu promised, making Amadhay narrow her eyes.

“Are you threatening me?”

Tenshu grinned. “That’s what brothers do for their sisters,” he told her before standing up. He ruffled her hair in a way he knew she hated, before finger combing the curls back to symmetry. “I did the same shit to her.”

“You did?” she asked softly, frowning.

He grinned again. “Of course. You’re my sister too. My icky wittle baby sister.”

She rolled her eyes. “All the incest in here is getting suffocating,” she joked. Between everyone claiming familial ties, yet the somewhat sexual, definitely romantic overtones to the relationships between Vlad, Nico, Tenshu, and Kimiko and her new relationship with Ribbon, it was getting strange.

“It only gets weird once you start rutting with Atlas,” he said with a shrug.

“Well since I have no plans of doing that—”

Sure,” Tenshu said, “If the sexual tension between the two of you doesn’t bubble over, then I’ll rescind my fairy ways,” he joked, making her roll her eyes.

“I wouldn’t do that to Ribbon.”

“Ribbon doesn’t mind sharing. Do you?”

Amadhay frowned, watching Tenshu as he left the room. “Yes,” she muttered softly to no one, “I do.”

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