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Amadhay was lying in her bed, reading up on vampire-love theory when Ribbon came in.

It had been two days since she had kissed the woman and she had been expecting her sometime soon. It had been long enough for Ribbon to process everything. So she smiled up at the woman, setting the book aside, giving the blood witch the chance to speak first.

“Why did you kiss me?” Ribbon asked. “I mean…Red Bird. You can’t just kiss someone like that and then walk away. I don’t know what that means to you, but to me it means something.”

“I don’t kiss if it doesn’t mean something,” Amadhay immediately responded, even though it wasn’t strictly true. She had been known to kiss people to further her missions. Escort knew she’d done plenty of that in Madra. But Ribbon had to know the difference between a mission kiss and a real kiss. She had the same job.

“Well, what does it mean to you?” Ribbon pressed.

Amadhay smiled at her. “It means that I have a promise to keep to you.”

Ribbon nodded slowly. “Alright,” she said, sounding strangely deflated. “So you were just trying to prove a point.”

“No,” Amadhay said with a frown, moving to the end of her bed, where Ribbon was standing. Careful not to hit her head on the overhang or get caught in the curtains, Amadhay stood up on the bed. “It means that you’re important to me.”

Ribbon stared at her for a few clicks before moving in closer, leaving no space between them. Amadhay looked down at her, enjoying being the taller one for once. She leaned down.

“Why are you wanting to kiss me now?” Ribbon asked softly, stopping Amadhay before she could.

Amadhay frowned. “Because I want to,” she said. A ghost of a smile flew across Ribbon’s face.

“Maybe you should ask before you just do something because you want to,” the woman teased.

“I’m taking a note from Atlas’ book,” Amadhay whispered before she kissed Ribbon. This time she wasn’t the one to pull away.

Ribbon smiled up at her. “I guess I can live with that,” she said, pushing Amadhay’s chest so that the teenager fell back onto the bed. She crawled onto the bed after her, letting Amadhay pull her up. They kissed again.

“So are we done fighting?” Amadhay asked abruptly, looking hopefully at Ribbon.

Ribbon laughed into one of Amadhay’s pillows. “Yes, I think that we’re done fighting.”

“Good. ‘Cause I was tired of Mayday peeing on my door. Maybe now he’ll stop.”

“Oh my Goddess, you only kissed me to make Mayday stop peeing everywhere!” Ribbon exclaimed, laughing loudly.

Amadhay covered her face with a pillow, pressing down lightly.“You try waking up and having to clean that little booger’s pee so it doesn’t stain the floor. Then you’ll understand. You’d do anything too.” Amadhay insisted. Ribbon just laughed harder, laying there looking comfortable and perfect. Amadhay liked that look.

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