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 in which everyone is mad



Well, Amadhay thought, this is awkward.

And it was.

Since Atlas had gone off on her and Ribbon, she had taken to avoiding him, which was surprisingly easy, which told her that the man was avoiding her just as much as she was avoiding him. In fact, he wasn’t the only one avoiding her. Ribbon was also avoiding her since the cowboy and cyborg had come back from a mission. While Amadhay couldn’t, for the life of her, figure out why they were pissy with one another, she was pretty sure that Atlas had told Ribbon to keep her distance.

The asshole.

But the three of them not talking wasn’t what was awkward right now. It wasn’t even that Nico and Tenshu seemed to be having problems. Tenshu, she knew, was one to fight loudly, but apparently, Nico wasn’t, because the entirety of the fight was fought behind closed doors and in looks rather than words. The current awkwardness wasn’t even that Cowboy and Johannes had been at each other’s throats since coming back. Johannes was, if it was actually possible, meaner to Amadhay and Ribbon than before, which was strange because Amadhay couldn’t think of a single thing she’d done wrong to warrant the abuse.

In fact, the only two people in the entire place willing to talk to her and not be frostily polite or outright rude, were Sha’adahk and Stefan. That was both strange and somewhat expected, really, considering the two of them had gone so far out of their ways to befriend her.

What was awkward right now, at this moment, was that she was standing on her stepladder in the kitchen, trying to reach a bowl on the top shelf. Normally, someone would have helped her, considering there were four others milling around the kitchen. They didn’t. Tenshu was staring intently at the toast he was buttering. Ribbon was focusing on the counter she was scrubbing. Cowboy was pouring soup into a bowl, though she didn’t know why, considering he couldn’t eat it. Their bird-kin, who wasn’t even part of all this, was in a corner, munching on cereal and steadfastly avoiding making eye contact with anyone else.

Amadhay just gave up. She wasn’t that hungry anyway.

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