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 In which amadhay is rude



Atlas was suddenly very aware of Amadhay’s presence in the room.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been napping or even how long the girl had been there, watching him, but he knew she was getting antsy when he heard her circle the table. Instead of acknowledging her, he kept his head balanced on the edge of the table, Mayday tucked firmly on his lap despite the kittens complaining yowls, and his muscles as relaxed as he could.

He would swear that he heard her mutter, “Well I have to save him,” right before she shoved him back in his seat, startling him even though he had expected something drastic from her. When he focused on her, he noted that Mayday was in her hands. For a moment he wondered if she meant to torture the kitten to get information from him, but seeing the way she cradled the kitten, he let that go from his mind. The kitten was even purring at her for having saved him from the prison that had been Atlas’ lap.

Amadhay seated herself on the edge of the table before wiggling back. Atlas easily saw through her ploy this time, recognizing that her wiggling was attractive but not nearly as distracting as she might think. He had seen a woman’s chest bounce from movement before. 

“Hello there. It seems I need more information, lover,” she said, finally settling where she was on the table and sitting cross-legged. She set Mayday on her lap and petted the kitten, visibly making an effort not to make eye contact with Atlas.

He gave her a blank, critical look, before he snapped, “I said I’m not talking to you.”

She pouted, giving a soft sigh before letting Mayday crawl around the table. Once the kitten was again in front of him, she slowly looked up at him from under her lashes, giving him a look that made his blood boil. “Please don’t be this way,” she crooned.

“Look, you fairy, I said no!” he snarled irritably. He caught a flash of sky blue in Amadhay’s eyes and immediately regretted his loss of control. She was good at doing that to him. He took a deep breath, before slowly saying, “I’m sorry. That wasn’t needed.” He caught the quick smirk that Amadhay tried to hide and almost scowled, recognizing that he had actually allowed her enough leeway to get under his skin yet again, and worse, that she knew it. “Now look, I’ll only give out information if I get something in return.”

Amadhay looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding slowly, “What do you want?” she asked curiously.

“Bring me Darach Devalier from your Information Department.”

Amadhay paused for a moment, though Atlas wasn’t able to tell what had given her pause before she nodded. “I can do that.”

“Good,” was all he muttered before she left the room.

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