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 In which Johannes’ not Rea



Amadhay honestly couldn’t put into words how horrified she was that the cyborg had a sharp, pointy object to the back of her head.

Kimiko had rushed off to get Johannes and come back with almost everyone in tow. Ribbon and Atlas had immediately fussed over her while Stefan and Johannes had checked over the wound. The arachin, vampires, and reaper all stood in her doorway, looking in, and Amadhay felt like she was under observation.

“I don’t think everyone was needed to stitch up this scratch,” she muttered under her breath. The looks she received told her that they didn’t appreciate her comment.

“It’s a bit more than a scratch,” Atlas reminded her, holding hair out of Johannes’ way as the cyborg stitched the wound closed.

“And she was going to heal it herself,” Kimiko added, making Amadhay glare toward her when she received more disapproving looks.

“I didn’t know,” Amadhay whined, flinching when she felt the floss-like thread tugging at her skin.

Johannes had immediately numbed the area with a salve before doing anything else, something Amadhay was thankful for. The cyborg had even put gloves on and snarled at anyone who got too close to the wound without her permission. That was the only way this reminded her of Rea. The dragon was incredibly possessive of Amadhay’s wounds, had been since the first time Amadhay had needed medical attention, when she was four and Amaya had nearly drowned her accidentally. For some reason the dragon still refused to explain, Rea had claimed Amadhay as her patient for as long as the girl lived. No one but Rea had ever healed Amadhay, so this was a strange experience for her.

The dragon did things differently than the cyborg did. For one, Rea would have been talking to her, while Johannes had yet to say a single word. Rea had always knocked her out if she had to put in stitches or set a bone, claiming that Amadhay was too whiney and fidgety of a patient. Rea always made her go to the medical wing to be treated, whereas Johannes had brought everything to her.

“There,” Johannes finally spoke, dropping the bloody needle on Amadhay’s vanity table. Amadhay looked at her by way of her reflection in the mirror. She attempted a smile, but the cyborg had a deadly serious look on her face. “If I ever hear of you attempting self healing again, I will tear your brain out,” she threatened, making Amadhay stare at her in surprise.

“Got me?” the cyborg demanded when Amadhay didn’t say anything. Amadhay glanced to Ribbon and Kimiko, who both gave her looks that told her to answer the cyborg.

“Yes?” she tried, glancing to Atlas, who was struggling to keep himself from laughing.

“Good.” Scarlet dropped a piece of mint chocolate in Amadhay’s hand and left the room, taking the four in the hallway with her.

Yeah, Rea had never given her candy either.

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