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 In which Amadhay eavesdrops some



Amadhay couldn’t help it.

When she heard voices talking in hushed whispers, it was physically impossible for her not to attempt to listen in. Call it curiosity, call it nosiness, she blamed the cat in her. Curiosity killed the cat, after all.

But satisfaction brought it back.

That was why she was currently perched rather precariously on one of the highest shelves in the library. She had been attempting to retrieve a book from up there on blood magic when the vampire and Nico walked in. Both blonds had called out and scoped around before coming to a stop only a few feet away from her. Neither had thought to look up and she supposed that being up there was masking her scent from Cowboy. Either that, or she was in the library so often that it was beginning to smell like her.

“I think Tenshu is getting too close to the Heralds,” Cowboy whispered to Nico, who nodded in agreement.

“I thought he was just doing his job, but the way he talks about the light and water Heralds makes me wonder if there’s something more.”

Cowboy winced. “You’ve noticed too, huh? Have you told Atlas yet?”

Nico was silent for a few clicks and both men simply stared at each other. “No, I haven’t. I didn’t think it was necessary to bring his attention to this, not yet.”

“Thank you,” Cowboy muttered, rubbing at his face.

Nico nodded. “I’m not doing it for you.”

“I know.”

“I worry about Vlad as well,” Nico added after another few clicks of silence.

“Oh? Why?” the vampire asked, surprise in his tone.

“He has yet to actively attempt to claim the fire Herald. I’ve been keeping my distance, as per his request, but he has yet to cement any bond with her. If anything, I would assume they were friends, not regnant and possession.”

The words made no sense to her, but she thought she might have been getting the gist of the conversation. Nico and Cowboy were both worried that Vlad and Tenshu had fallen for Wonder Girls and Co. and their feminine wiles. She wondered why that was such a big deal, what they were planning, but didn’t get to eavesdrop anymore because at that point, the library door opened.

“Red Bird?” Ribbon’s voice called out, making Cowboy and Nico tense. Both men nodded to each other and went separate ways. From her vantage point, Amadhay was able to watch both men avoid running into Ribbon by carefully navigating the book stacks. They were out of her sight when Ribbon was below her.

Deciding to put the strange conversation out of her mind because it had nothing to do with her, Amadhay grinned evilly before taking care to silently move down, one shelf at a time, until she was almost behind Ribbon and the woman was completely oblivious. She slipped behind the tall woman before yelling, “Surprise attack!”

Immediately, Ribbon jumped and turned. As she jumped, her leg lifted into the air into a swinging kick, luckily moving right over Amadhay’s head. “You little wormshit!” Ribbon exclaimed, smacking Amadhay on the shoulder. “I almost kicked your head off!”

“Not really,” Amadhay responded with a grin. “It was completely worth it.”

“We’ll see how worth it it was when I kick your ass,” Ribbon said, grabbing Amadhay in a headlock.

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