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 in which amadhay isn’t kissed



“I could kiss you,” Ribbon said, hugging Amadhay from behind.

Amadhay tensed for a click, before relaxing. Ribbon had surprised her, because she had been so absorbed in checking out the library that she hadn’t even heard the woman come in. “Why?” she asked once Ribbon let go of her.

“You got us out of the Ice Castle. I think everyone wants to kiss you right now. Well, except Kimmy. She’s from Ice Land.”

“Oh,” was all Amadhay said for a moment, taking a moment to try to remember what Ribbon had said because she had been too busy watching her lips to listen. “You don’t think anyone is going to though, right?” she asked awkwardly.

“Going to what?” Ribbon asked distractedly, looking at the books Amadhay had been perusing.

“Kiss me?” Amadhay asked, looking away from Ribbon when she found her eyes gravitating to the women’s lips again. She uncomfortably rubbed the back of her neck.

“Nah. Atlas would skin us all alive if one of us got to kiss you before he did,” she responded with a wave of her hand, making Amadhay look back up at her. The blood-witch was squinting at one of the books, tapping her lips thoughtfully. Amadhay looked away again. Ribbon pulled the book from the shelf and tried handing it to Amadhay, tapping her arms with it when Amadhay didn’t look at her. “Read this.”

Amadhay took the book and looked it over to see that it was a novice book of dark magic spells and gave Ribbon a dry look. “I’m pretty sure that I’m better than a novice,” she stated, trying to push the book back into the woman’s hands.

Ribbon didn’t let her. “In some places you are. My wards were checking your proficiency, not just dampening your power. You have a lot of power, sure, but you use it like an idiot. I mean Atlas showed me the runes you used for binding him and all I could say was ‘I’m not sure how she’s still alive right now.’ I assume that you use big spells because you just don’t know the simpler ones, so read up.”

Amadhay glared past Ribbon’s ear. “I don’t need your help.”

“Sure,” Ribbon responded with a shrug. “But what else are you going to do? You got bored in the Ice Castle, you’ll get bored here too. Might as well work on your skill set.”

“Why? Not like I’m going to use them anymore.”

Ribbon gave her an amused look. “Are you honestly telling me that just because you don’t work for the Phoegani anymore, that you’re never going to want to use magic again?”

Amadhay shifted uncomfortably. “I assumed Atlas wouldn’t want me to do any—”

“Atlas doesn’t control you,” Ribbon interrupted. “Atlas might not want you to do combat magic, but he isn’t going to stop you if you want to learn it. We could even spar with magic one day. There’s no reason that you have to sit around and be a homebody just because you don’t have to kill people anymore.”

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