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 in which amadhay ignores atlas



Amadhay was pointedly not speaking to Atlas.

In fact, she wasn’t even looking at Atlas. He had left her alone for the rest of the previous day, only to come to the room where they were holding her the next. She had spent the first zoot trying to convince him that there was no point in keeping her captive, that it would only hurt his people in the long run, but he wasn’t listening. He kept talking to her as if they were equals, as if he hadn’t kidnapped her and was refusing to let her leave the room.

So, to get back at him, Amadhay decided to give him the silent treatment. It was working surprisingly well. Sure, Atlas was still talking, but his chatter had gone from conversational the first zoot of silence to hard-pressed the second zoot, and now he was practically pleading with her to talk to him. He kept moving into her vision to try to make her look at him. It was pathetic, honestly. If it weren’t the situation it was, she would have laughed at him. But they were in that situation, so she didn’t.

The first zoot she had chosen complete silence. She had sat staring at the red wall, not moving, not talking. She gave no indication that she heard anything Atlas was saying. She did absolutely nothing. While it bothered Atlas, it nearly drove her crazy. She wasn’t meant to be that still for that long. Her Gift gave her the need for regular movement. In fact, all of the energy had pent up inside of her until she absolutely had to move the second zoot.

The second zoot, she moved around the room, but continued to ignore both Atlas and Stefan. Stefan sat in the corner, watching her like a hawk, while Atlas continued talking at her. She stretched out and jogged in place first.

Then, she danced. Normally, she wouldn’t have. It was strange, really, to dance when she wasn’t on a seduction mission, especially without music. Except she sort of was on a mission, when she thought about it. She was trying to trick him into getting so bothered that she could get away.

Or maybe she was just trying to get him as frustrated as she was.

The third zoot, once she had pushed enough energy out of her body, she decided to talk to Stefan. She enjoyed this one. She simply held a relatively light, mundane conversation with Stefan, who obviously knew what she was doing. He seemed to enjoy it as much as she did. Atlas kept trying to invade the conversation, commenting on what Amadhay was saying. Amadhay acted as though she didn’t even hear him.

He was practically kneeling in front of her, pleading for her to talk to him by the fourth zoot. It was then that she finally looked at him. Giving him a frosty smile, she caught eye contact. “I’d like you to leave now.”

He jolted back. “Are you talking to me now?” he asked hopefully.

“I’d like you to leave,” she said again as if he hadn’t even asked her anything. “I’m not talking to you. I don’t want to see you again. Now leave.”

Atlas stared at her critically for a whole clack before nodding slowly. “Alright then,” he said with a smile even though there was a definite sad tone to his voice. “I won’t bother you again until you come to me.”

Fat chance, she thought, but didn’t say anything, turning her attention away from him before he even left. She sat on the bed, pulling the canopy closed around her and turned to stare out of the giant window.

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