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Now she wasn’t sure, considering there were no windows or clocks in the room, but it felt like it had been zoots since Atlas had left her alone.

That could mean one of a few things. 1, he could be punishing her for not being happy that he had kidnapped her, and she was thinking it was that one. Or, 2, they could be going deep into Palnoki and keeping her in this room until they made it to their destination so that she would have absolutely no idea where she was. 3, they could have forgotten about her. That option wasn't very likely, but it was possible. 4, they could all be dead out there and she was stuck there until she died, someone found her, or she found her own way out.

She really hoped it was one of the first two options, especially now that she had been given the chance to check out the spells locking her in. She didn't recognize any of them, which wasn't the worst part of it, because she regularly got out of sticky situations without knowing original spells. The problem with this, however, was that it was definitely made from blood magic. She had no idea how to combat a blood witch's spells. That was quite a bit higher than her abilities, especially since they were so rare. She had never thought that she'd need to learn how to fight a blood witch, much less break out of a prison created by one.

She was so incredibly far out of her league.

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